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Rum Apple Pie

apple kingdome

As I am in the Apple Kingdom (Äppelriket på Österlen) right now I thought it was a good idea to write about my apple pie. For this recipe I prefer a sour apple that is a little soft, as they often melt in the oven. If this would be an Apple Tart I would choose a firmer apple. When I am home in the east village I usually buy mackintosh, wish I think works fine. In the apple kingdom they have many kinds of apples (ofcourse) and the best kinds are what they call food apples (matäpplen). This time I tried Gravenstein. I am not sure I really can call that a food apple. But it has the sourness and softness that I like.

3-4 apples
juice of a lemon
3-5 tablespoons rum
100 gram (3.5 oz)  butter
6-7 table spoons sucanat
200 ml (0.85 cups) flour
75 ml (0.3 cups) walnuts or almond

Peel the apples and slice them thin. Cover the bottom of a greased baking tin with the apples. Soak the apples with the rum. Mix the flour with butter, chopped walnuts and sucanat. Squeeze some lemon juice over the dough and mix it. As I never really follow a specific recipe when I make my apple pie it could be necessary to add some more of the ingredients. The crust should be sticky and the taste should be sweet with a nice touch of sour lemon. Let it rest a little in the fridge. Flatten some of the sticky crust out in your hand and place it over the apples. Repeat until all the apples are covered. Bake the pie in the oven at 200°C (400F) until the apples are melted and the crust has started to get firmer and got some color. Serve warm with some whipped cream.