Semi Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

meat — by Johanna

Two of the reason why we bought our cottage on the edge of nowhere was that the house was in range of the Internet and that our neighbor had sheep. Later on we found out that he had just enough lambs each year to feed himself and his two daughters’ families! By that time it was too late as we had started our long renovation of the house. We kind of love the place for other reasons too. However, I can’t help thinking how great it would be if we could get lamb meat that was that ultra-local. My neighbor doesn’t help as he keeps telling me about all the treats he’s been cooking over the winter. For example he makes slow cooked roasts, tasty stews and he salts and dries the leg of lamb (lammfiol). Sigh! Anyway I have to say I like his stories, they are inspiring. So in the end I’m very happy and just up the road from us I can get fresh eggs and chicken. And in my garden I grow flowers and vegetables.

Read the rest of the post and get my Lamb Shoulder recipe at Honest Cooking.


  1. Meaghin:

    I adore this picture (and the idea of an ultra local lamb–a lamb neighbor, even!).

  2. Johanna:

    Thanks Meaghin.
    it would have been great!

  3. midi-jimucho:

    Nice to have a neighbor who has sheeps … thinking of it seems sad to kill but we also have to live, any way sure love lamb chops ~ me had to go to meat shop to get one.

  4. Jules:

    Lovely story and drawing Jonanna! You’re making me miss the lamb from my dads farm

  5. Johanna:

    Jules, I can totally understand that!

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