My Mothers Liver Sausage


A couple a weeks ago I was discussing sausages with our friend Russel. He had just bought a meat grinder and we where eating homemade venison burgers. Russel got very interested in my mother’s liver sausages that I talked warmly about. Liver has never been my favorite food and I don’t think I have eaten it since I was a child. Now I am looking forward to get a bite of Russel’s version of my mother’s recipe.

1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) liver
1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) fat (non smoked bacon or minced pork meat)
6 boiled potatoes
3 grated yellow onions
4 or more tablespoons salt
2 teaspoons allspice (kryddpeppar)
1 teaspoons white pepper
thin hog castings

Separately mince the liver and the fat twice. Continue by mincing the boiled potatoes and the grated onions. Mix all the minced parts together with salt, pepper and the allspice into a smooth mixture. It’s important that the ingredients are well mixed.
Fill the hog casting, but don’t fill the sausages too hard. Make the sausages the length and thickness you prefer and make a knot on both ends.

Grease a baking tin with butter. Place the sausages in the tin and prick them with a thin needle. Bake them until they are well done and are golden brown (about an hour) at 175° (347 F). Half way through you can turn the sausages. Serve with a glass of beer, home made mashed potatoes and beetroots.

4 thoughts on “My Mothers Liver Sausage”

  1. Hello Joe, I had to ask my mother, as she is the source behind the recipe. She always uses pork liver. She thinks it will work with beef as well and it will probably give the sausage a sharper taste.

  2. Hi Johanna,
    Sounds great. I will be giving it a try.
    Just one question are the casings easy to come by?
    Kind regards.

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