M:s Potatoe Pancakes


In the beginning of the eighties M was house squatting in the fancy neighborhood of Chelsea in London. Next door to the Rolling Stones he learned how to make Potatoe Pancakes. He was studying Architecture and this was a great way to live cheaply as he had a hard time with his parents. At that time he had the pancakes with butter and sugar. Today we have them with goat cheese and caviar!

for one person you need

one large potatoe
one tablespoon flour
one small egg
pinch of salt

Peel the potatoes. Cut them in smaller pieces and mash them in a blender. Squeeze out some of the water and mix together with the flour, salt and egg in a bowl. Pour small amounts of batter to make about five pancakes in a standard frying pan on medium heat. Fry them with some olive oil or butter until they are golden brown, turning once only. The pancakes can be served with many different things: lingonberries or cranberries, freshly grated carrots, sautéed bacon pieces, goat cheese mixed with sour cream and lastly caviar.

By the way, I just came from London and I am now posting from a lovely cottage in Sweden. Where I am planning to stay until the end of October.

4 thoughts on “M:s Potatoe Pancakes”

  1. Ha en skön vistelse i Sverige! M är sååå cool vid pannkaksspisen! Ska prova potatispannkakorna med getost. Bästa hälsningar Morgan

  2. Alice,
    det var roligt att traffa dig i Stockholm och jag hoppas vi kan ta den fargstarka drinken i new york nagon gang…

    jag har det helt underbart. har hittat massor av goda soppar i skogen. De kommer passa fint med en hjortstek i vinter.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I haven’t made potatoes pancakes yet, but I am definitely tempted to try now. One of my sons will help with pancakes, another will play his guitar 😎

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