Almond Cake


This summer we went to Jeffersonville, a small town in upstate New York. It was just a small vacation over the weekend and we were staying at a lovely Bed and Breakfast place call the Fifth Floor Farm. In between our activities and small trips, we enjoyed relaxing in their garden, while our hosts Faye and Fred spoiled us with their treats. This is not their recipe of almond cake, but my try to come close to something I have been longing for since then.


55 g (ca 2 oz) butter
25 ml (0.1 cups) sucanat
one small egg yolk
150-200 ml (0.6-0.8 cups) flour

Mix flour with sucanat, butter and later on the egg yolk to a firm dough. Let the pastry rest in the fridge for an hour or overnight. Roll out the pastry and cover a greased circular baking tin or some smaller cups.


200 ml (0.8 cups) almonds
200 ml (0.8 cup) sucanat
1 egg
50 g (1.8 oz) butter

Grind the almonds. Whisk the egg gently and mix it with almonds and sucanat. Melt the butter and pour it in the mixture. When the filling is well mixed, pour it over the pastry and bake it in the oven at 175° (350 F) for 20-30 minutes. Let it cool and serve as it is or with some dry sherry.

Update 29th November 2005:

Couple of days ago I did this almond cake again. I decided to reduce the sugar in the filling and instead added some raspberry jam, as I thought it would be a great combination. I must say it was a success!

9 thoughts on “Almond Cake”

  1. Thanks Adrienne for dropping by. It’s my first time visiting you too. Your Parsnip soup looks wonderful! By the way, the cake tasted fantastic.

  2. Thanks Rachel for visiting me.
    And thanks Nicky, I think my way of cooking always has been straightforward. That’s how I learned to cook… and still do!

  3. What wine goes with Almond Cake? Marie gillar den här bilden så otroligt mycket! (och det gör jag också)Ser bokomslaget framför mig. Morgan

  4. Greetings Johanna!!

    I just stumbled onto this site while looking for lasagna recipes, and I immediately got allured to the sweets page 😉 This recipe sounds so easy and yummy – I LOVE almonds, that I can’t wait to try it. It sounds so different (in my head) than most of the almond cake I’ve researched so I’m interested to see what kind of texture this cake will be.

    I’m new to baking and stuff, so yeah… I’m definitely bookmarking this site for the future. A lot of interestings things I want to try.


  5. Thanks Tsukiko, I am happy you found my blog. And there will be more sweet recipes later on. For the moment I am working on a chocolate cake with crushed mint chocolate ganache.

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