East Village Herring


½ pound of herring in wine (east village cheese shop)
¼ red onion
sour cream

Mix all ingredients together. Add more mustard and lemon after your taste. If you want the herring to be sweeter add some sugar or sweeter mustard.

The herring can be served on Magnus Kefir Bread and some slices of boiled eggs. Decorate with dill and serve it with chilled vodka.

7 thoughts on “East Village Herring”

  1. I love herring. Great at a party.
    Wouldn’t mind some swedish recipes, some of my
    Grandma Anderson used to make ( lost art )

  2. I thought I did.
    I was saying that there is a lost art away from Swedish cooking.
    I was brought up SW of Calmar and I miss the odd
    food recipe from my Grands-parents on my Dad’s side.
    Besides the Herring my Grandfather Anderson and I
    woould sit down to a big bowl of lukefisk and man
    was that good ( I can still taste it )
    There was a community hall on out quarter section that held VASA LODGE meetings every month if I can remember. The odd time there was a Smorgasbord thrown in. Man was that good.
    There was a Patchwork of Memories published by The
    Historical Society of Thorsby and District in 1979

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Earl! I’m planing to have more herring recipes here on Kokblog.

  4. Yum. try fresh matjes herring and fried potatoes,divine food, Instead of marzipan wedding cake , I opted for matjes.

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