Giveaway: Celebrating Kokblog 10 Year!

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Last month Kokblog turned 10! Yay!

Not sure how ten years can pass that quickly. It feels like yesterday! Anyway…
Thanks to kokblog and all my readers, many great things have happened. I have got to know several interesting people, which has led to several interesting meetings and collaborations. All this and many other things have led me to become a full time illustrator. Thanks!

So why did I start kokblog? Ever since I was a young girl I have always enjoyed drawing. The drawings of ordinary things or situations I find interesting, something I experienced during the day or in my past. Cooking has also been an important part of my life, in my own kitchen or with friends.  Several years ago, I even used to work-train people in a large scale kitchen.

In 2003 I came to New York to work on my final master project (Fine Art and Design). During these few months I didn’t have much money so I paid my tutor in Sunday dinners!

At this time I started to draw things I cooked and ate. I started kokblog as a way to collect my recipes and drawings. It was also a place to share recipes with others and an excellent platform to show my work. I think that kokblog was one of the first cooking blogs to use illustrations instead of photographs.

This year has been especially amazing, in April my first cookbook, Fika was released. I celebrated big with a classic Swedish kafferep* and with several events in NYC, Boston, London and Sweden.

To celebrate Kokblog, I’m having a giveaway of  one of my prints. It’s a drawing of different kinds of coffeemakers (pictured below). The artwork is printed on an 8.5 x 11 inches (about 216 x 279 mm) heavyweight matte archival & acid free paper.

To participate, leave a comment below and tell me which is your favorite kokblog recipe/ post. You have until Friday August 21st to enter. I will contact the winner by email so please make sure to use an email you regularly use. The winner will also be announced here.

We have a winner! 

First of all I want to thank you all for participating in my giveaway. It was a great pleasure to read through your comments. And I’m deeply honored by your sweet words about kokblog and my work. Thank you all.

The winner is Inés, who announced kanelbullar as her favorite recipe on kokblog. She also likes my sourdough starter diagram which is based on a method by Iban Yarza. Inés, I really hope you and your husband (who can’t live without coffee) will enjoy my coffeemaker drawing. Congratulations!

I would also especially thank Ginger Garza who asked her local library to order the Fika so more people can have fika (coffee break) and kafferep* with friends. That really warms my heart as from the time I started to read I’ve been a big fan of libraries. Thanks Ginger.

kokblog-coffee-print-05* Kafferep is a larger and more formal version of fika (coffee break). It’s a coffee gathering where several different varieties of buns, cookies and cakes are served. A kafferep is often held at birthdays, funerals or just as a good excuse for old ladies to meet and chat.Popular posts & recipes on Kokblog

Body Cakes (kroppkakor)- Swedish potato dumplings with salted pork
Pierogi (Polish dumplings) – with my not so traditional fillings
Kanelbullar (Cinnamon Buns) – collaboration with Anna Brones
Sourdough Starter Diagram
Cooking in Marrakesh – Semolina Pancakes
Sopa de Ajo (Traditional Spanish Bread Soup) by Ibán Yarza
Elderflower Gravlax
Glögg  – (Swedish Mulled Wine)
Sticky Chocolate Cake – (Swedish kladdkaka)
How to Turn Your Desk Into a Cheese Board by Tenaya Darlington
Mushroom Confit by Andrew Janjigian
Fika – The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break – (Behind the Scenes)
Cheese Calendar – Collaboration with Tenaya Darlington


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48 thoughts on “Giveaway: Celebrating Kokblog 10 Year!”

  1. Thanks Strikkelysten! I love that one too… and it reminds me I haven’t done that dip for awhile!

  2. Congratulation! I really like your blog because of its mixture of recipes and artwork. At the beginnig of the year you posted i really simple recipe for Chocolate Mousse and it made me try this dish for the first time. It turned out really well and I have made it since then more than once. So that is my favorite! Keep doing what you do!

  3. Wow, 10 years!! Congrats, Johanna, I love your work. 🙂 Being a cheese lover (though not cheesy), I loved your series on cheese and cheese boards. Gave me a lot of ideas for my late Spanish dinners. Keep it going, and all best!!!

  4. Ooooh I really want that print! My husband cannot live without his coffee, and it would be a brilliant present! Anyway, my favourite recipe is the one for the kanelbullar (I’m quite a cinnamon addict), although I also loved yogur post about the sourdough starter (I have Iban Yarza’s cookbook, so it was funny to see his ideas on your blog).

    Congratulations on your blog and on the Fika cookbook (a friend gave it to me on my birthday… So far I’ve tried the raspberry pie and it was delicious)! Lots of love!

  5. Congratulations! I discovered your blog only recently and love your work! My favorite posts so far are the ones about fika.

  6. … recently found your blog and was captivated by the lovely artwork
    … requested that my library order both the book and eBook so others could share the Swedish kafferep with friends – this area has a large Scandinavian population – Portland and Seattle.
    …. unfortunately, I heard out about your appearance at Broder, in Portland, the day after it happened.
    … have used almost all of the coffeemakers in the print and would love to hang it on my wall in the kitchen
    … Thanks for such a fun, delicious kokblog!

  7. Hello Johanna,
    I especially loved your post about your Fika project. It reminded me so much about the time I spent with my grandmother in Dalarna and we would fika sipping cafe with sugar cubes and eating kanelbullar and bisquiver. Thank you for bringing back those memories with Marta and her stories about life close to Domnarvet and on the farm. And of course her wish to buy mjukajeans. They were all the rage for an elderly woman of a plump constitution in the late 70’s, Lycka till. 🙂

  8. I found your site not too long ago and still have a lot of catching up to do. I love the recipe you shared for four-cheese ravioli with tomato sauce. The drawings are delightful, as they are across the site, and the recipe encompasses so much of what I love (cheese, herbs, making from scratch). Keep up the great work.

  9. I found your site as a result of buying and loving Fika. I use the Mandelkaka med Björnbär recipe over and over. Everyone loves it. I would treasure one of your illustrations- they are the main reason I love the book. Fantastic!

  10. Congratulations! I have always loved your drawings and recipes. I look forward to reading your posts. I think your Swedish Almond Cake with Orange sounds delightful. Perfect with a cup or two of coffee!

  11. I have been following your blog for years, I really enjoy your illustrations, so much more fun to read, much better than photos! I just got your book, Fika, for my birthday and I’m excited to try making my own Fika. I especially liked your post on how you and Anna put your book together and learning about everything that happened behind the scenes. Congratulations on your blog and the book!

  12. Hi Johanna, I loved A Toast of Trumpets, it was how I found Kokblog. I also love your cheese pairing primers, all of them.

  13. Hello! I’ve only recently discovered the daily tradition of Fika and bought your Fika book. I was just telling my husband last night how so many cultures have time set apart in their day for tea or coffee and I feel jipped that America has no such custom. It seems like this is just supposed to be a part of daily life, no? So, I’ve borrowed the British tea time for years and am soooo excited to now daily embrace Fika alongside it! I’ve baked one of your recipes last week. My first Swedish baked good, the Kanelbullar. So, I’d say it’s my favorite of your recipes so far since it’s the only one I tried. I am a cardamom-holic so I took the time to hand grind my cardamom and it made all the difference. I’m hooked. Today, I plan on making your muskotsnittar recipe. I cannot wait to try all of the recipe and see which Swedish baked good is my favorite for Fika.

  14. Congratulations, Johanna! My favourite is your kanelbullar recipe. I like to use half cinnamon, half cardamom & top them with pearl sugar— amazing!

  15. I am always excited to see your posts and illustrations! One of my favourites is your sourdough bread with rye post, as I love making bread.

  16. I started to follow your blog because of Anna’s rosehip sherry recipe (and the amazing illustrations!!!) – and I still love that one very much!
    – Collective Plant 🙂 –

  17. I am very much in favour of a fika!
    Thanks for the contest.
    I like the entry for FYRISKAKA WITH PEAR. best wishes for the book!

  18. I guess I can’t choose between the cinnamom buns and the cardamom buns. Both recipes turned out to be the perfect treat when we had an end-of-semester party with our Swedish language course class (I live in Belgium and study Swedish after the working hours). I’m really enthousiast about the combo of recipe and illustration. It gives an extra dimension which several (food) blogs are lacking. So keep on drawing and spreading fika-love. Afterall who doesn’t like a good and comforting cup of coffee. Grattis!

  19. Hinner jag vara med!
    Jag har inte testat några recept men däremot älskar jag dina illustrationer och teckningar. Jag tycker om att titta i kokböcker – layout, bilder och illustrationer – allt så fint presenterat! Jag är säker på att din bok är superfin!
    Jag vet att jag inte kvalificerad i tävlingen. Ha det gott! / Lotta

  20. No doubt, Kanelbullar. I leraned bout them from Iban and then read your entry. That’s how I had the chance to know your drawings! Now I can enjoy them with the book! Great job! Please, keep going!!

  21. Thanks Danyelle for sharing. I liked that you choose to bake kanelbullar first! Its such a fika classic! And I love the fact that you have embraced both teatime and fika! Yay!

  22. thanks EB. I had almost forgot about that post. But luckily its a recipe I know by heart :). Love it too!

  23. Thanks Janel, I’m super flattered. And you are right the Almond cake is fantastic with coffee!

  24. Thanks kahht! So happy you found my site! And I agree Stephane’s ravioli recipe is fantastic.

  25. Gina, thanks for sharing your lovely story about you and your grandmother! Happy that our fika project reminded you of that time 🙂

  26. Thats so sweet of you Ginger! I like the idea of kafferep in Portland :). And Seattle.

  27. Thanks Inés! Iban is a great inspiration for me. And I’m impressed how well he know’s the Swedish baking! Glad you like my work 🙂

  28. Hi Laura, I can’t believe it myself! Those years went pretty quick. Happy that Tenaya and my cheese boards inspired you. It was inspiring for me too. Thanks!

  29. Thanks Autumnseer! I love when a risotto can be that simple and still tasty. Glad to hear you like it!

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